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Ticketing Policy and Booking Fees


Booking Fees and charges are as of 1st January 2020

    • Online Booking Fee, per transaction $3.50
    • Phone Booking Fee, per transaction $4.50
    • Mailing of Tickets (Patrons Choice) $2.50
    • Box Office Collection (Patrons Choice) $0.00
    • Print at Home Tickets (Patrons Choice) $0.00


Season Subscriptions 2020

    • 2 Show Package – $70 per person
    • 3 Show Package – $105 per person

May and November Productions – Ticket Prices as of 1st January 2020

    • Full – $45 (Early Bird Bookings $40)
    • Concession – $41 (Early Bird Bookings $36)

May and August Production – Ticket Prices as of 1st January 2020

    • Full – $39 (Early Bird Bookings $34)
    • Concession – $35 (Early Bird Bookings $30)


Williamstown Musical Theatre Company is committed to providing an environment where all audience members, including babes in arms and young children, can be accommodated in a way which ensures every person in the theatre can have an enjoyable experience free of distraction or interruption from other audience members.

For the majority of WMTC productions, children who have not yet turned two years old (24 months) may be admitted into an event at no cost and without a ticket. In these cases, children will not be allocated a seat and must be seated on the lap of a parent or guardian for the duration of the event.

Young children who are not babes in arms and/or are over 2 years old (24 months) are required to have their own seat and have a paid ticket (Child price).

If taking your infant into the venue, please be aware of the following concerns:

  1. Our venue is a licensed venue, alcohol will be served.
  2. No crèche facilities are available and all babies/children/minors must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  3. Lack of light during a performance can be particularly hazardous when bringing a child with you.
  4. Production elements such as loud music, bright lights, pyrotechnic stage effects and show content can cause distress to infants/minors.

As the safety of children, parents and all patrons is of paramount importance to us, these concerns are brought to your attention for your consideration, so that you, your family and all other patrons can enjoy the show in a safe and comfortable environment.


By purchasing tickets on this website, you agree to the following statements about our ticketing policy. Williamstown Musical Theatre Company Inc is an Australian based non-for-profit community theatre organization with all transactions billed in Australia Dollars.

  1. All ticket sales to our theatrical productions are in Australia Dollars and final. No refunds will be issued for events although tickets are transferable to another performance in the current show season. In the event of a patron’s cancellation, convenience charges and service fees are also non-refundable.
  2. Williamstown Musical Theatre Company Inc reserves the right to sell un-paid theatre tickets and/ or move selected seating placements those patrons had selected if tickets have not been paid for.
  3. WMTC Inc executive management reserves the right to eject, or cause to be ejected, from the premises any objectionable person or persons. WMTC Inc executive management reserve the right to determine when a person or persons’ behaviour is objectionable or disruptive to other patrons of the Williamstown Mechanics Institute, and, if necessary, have the objectionable individual(s) removed from the Williamstown Mechanics Institute.
  4. Tickets to a performance are not guaranteed if payment has not been received.
  5. Depending on availability, group’s bookings are not guaranteed theatre tickets next to each other; although Williamstown Musical Theatre Company will try it’s best to put the group as close to each other as they can.
  6. Tickets are only transferable to another performance with at least 24 hours notice given to our box office on 1300 881 545.
  7. In the event of WMTC Inc cancelling a show, tickets are re-fundable and/ or transferable but no refunds will be given for convenience charges and service fees.
  8. All tickets purchased from us will be sent to your postal address within 10 days. If you do not receive your tickets within 10 days of purchase please call us immediately on 1300 881 545.
  9. You are responsible for checking your tickets and confirming all information is correct.
  10. You are responsible for checking the age minimum for the event. No refunds will be processed for patrons who are denied entry due to not having valid identification for admittance to a 15+ performance.
  11. If tickets are booked under the Early Bird, Special or Discounted rates but not paid for, Williamstown Musical Theatre Company holds the right to charge the full rate for the tickets after the final day of Early Bird, Special or Discounted ticket days.
  12. Late seating will occur during the first opportunity (break in performance). Until that time, patrons will be held outside the auditorium. This policy is to minimize distraction of the on-stage artist(s) as well as WMTC Inc patrons who were seated prior to the performance start. The appropriate “break” will be determined in consultation between WMTC Inc staff and the Artist(s). How and where late arrivals are seated will be decided by WMTC Inc staff.
  13. The House will open no less than ¼ hour prior to the stated curtain time following consultation between WMTC Inc staff and Production Personal at each performance. The capacity of the house will not be exceeded. WMTC Inc staff have the right to refuse entry to any patron once the theatre’s capacity has been reached.
  14. The Williamstown Mechanics Institute is a smoke-free building. Smoking is not permitted anywhere inside the property. Any patron that refuses to adhere to this requirement shall be deemed “objectionable” and is subject to removal.
  15. Williamstown Musical Theatre Company Inc’s management and staff reserve the right to determine if Paramedics/Emergency Medical Personnel need to be called for a specific incident.
  16. Should a medical emergency take place inside the house during a performance, it will be the purview of WMTC Inc management and staff to decide whether the performance should be stopped while the medical emergency is resolved. The Front of House Supervisor will contact the stage manager to stop the show.