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High School Musical Junior – August 2012

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Disney Channel’s smash hit musical comes to life on Williamstown’s stage in August! Join the jocks, the brainiacs, and thespians as they find their cliques, recount their vacations and look forward to their new school year.
Through twists and turns and teenage intrigue, the whole school comes together as winners on stage and on the court as the Wildcats win the championship game and Troy and Gabriella emerge as true High School Musical sensations!
Songs include: Wildcat Cheer, Start of Something New, Get’cha Head in the Game.

About Our Junior Program

Established in 2011, Williamstown Musical Theatre Company Inc’s junior program is open to young performers aged between 8 – 18 years old and aims to provide them with high quality creative learning experiences in the theatre arts. A positive, supportive and fun environment is encouraged to promote and develop self-respect, confidence, awareness, imagination, creativity, determination and social skills in young people. Cast members also develop discipline, memorization techniques, motor skills, coordination, and many other crucial foundation skills through creative dramatics and, in doing so, enhance their self-esteem, grace, and poise, both onstage and off.

Developed with the intention of sharing our passion for musical theatre with children and teens so that they, in turn, can continue this creative tradition as teachers, performers and arts patrons for generations to come, we hope you can encourage all our young performers by your support.

Production Managers – Marco Fusco
Mark Spencer
Artistic Directors – Ang Cuy
Stuart Dodge
Costume Coordinator – Marco Fusco
Asst Costume Coordinator – Cameron Sharp
Stage Manager – Matt Morton
Set Coordinator – Norm Cassidy-Anderson
Lighting Design – Daniel Treloar
Sound Design – Marcello Lo Ricco
Sound Operator – Jayson Fry
Flyer/ Program Designer – Nathan Toovey
Child Minders – Carla Gianinotti
Josh Prince
Troy Bolton – Josh Kerr
Gabriella Montez – Sheridan Adams
Sharpay Evens – Belinda Barichello
Ryan Evans – Campbell Bonello
Taylor Mckessie – Montana O’Farrell
Chad Danforth – Julian Franze
Kelsi Nielsen – Phoebe Hogarth
Zeke Baylor – Tom Umseher
Martha Cox – Amalia Fumo
Ms Darbus – Laura Newbould
Coach Bolton – Jake Aquilina
Jackie Scott – Chelsea Hogarth
Ensemble – Alicia Leckie
Amelia Leach
Caitlyn Barrasso
Darcy Ward
Dexter Shaw
Jess La Mari
Kasey Tucker
Keely Bowker
Kiara-Lea McKercher
Kushinka Jayewardene
Lisa Erickson
Madison Peake
Rachael McCormack
Tahlia Pizzicara
Tayla Muir
Teana Buchtmann