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Dusty – The Original Pop Diva – May 2011

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In the 1950’s a star-struck, plain and dumpy London schoolgirl imagines she could become a glamorous movie idol. Blessed with an amazing voice and talent, she sets out to become a singer and star. Soon, plain Mary O’Brien has transformed herself into the blonde pop icon, Dusty Springfield.

In the 1960’s Dusty Springfield takes the entertainment world by storm with a score of hits with triumphs in Britain and America, but Dusty finds the pressure unbearable and she retreats from the world into a dark place. Finding strength in adversity, Dusty returns to soar to the top, but with the world applauding again, she has one more battle to fight.

In a show featuring her hits and many more from the era including ‘Son of a Preacher Man‘, ‘Only Want to be withYou‘, ‘My Colouring Book‘, ‘My Generation‘ and ‘Dancing in the Street‘.

Production Managers – Marcus Cassidy-Anderson
Patricia Chetcuti
Director – Anna Marinelli
Musical Director – Andrew Houston
Choreographer – Carla Gianinotti
Costume Design – Suzanne Ellt
Lighting Design – Deryk Hartwick
Lighting Operator – Daniel Treloar
Lighting Crew Bump In – Deryk Hartwick, Daniel Treloar, Brendon Osbourne
Sound Design – Marcello Lo Ricco – LSS Productions
Sound Operator – Dean Gourley
Sound Crew Bump In – Marcello Lo Ricco, Dean Gourley, Steve Cooke
Radio Mic Technician – Jayson Fry
Multi-Media Design – Shelley Alexander, Deryk Hartwick
Set Design – Anna Marinelli
Scenic Artist – Norm Cassidy-Anderson
Set Coordinator – Norm Cassidy-Anderson
Properties Manager – Patricia Chetcuti
Stage Manager – Shelley Alexander
Assistant Stage Manager – Greg Erwood
Wig Stylists – John Mannion, Darren Whalley, Carlos Ashworth-Edwards
Make-Up and Hair Stylists – Ang Cuy, Caroline Winicizenko
Costume Sewers – Suzanne Ellt, Anna Marinelli, Carla Gianinotti, Pam Nash
Costume Dressers – Robyn Stewart, Wendy Alberni
Set Construction – Norm Cassidy-Anderson, Fred Knight
Rehearsal Pianist / Assistant – Amber Simm
Dialogue Coach – Shane Foster
Backstage Crew – Dom Watson, Jake Privet, Jacinta Undy, Mark Crick, Mark Spencer, Robyn Stewart, Simone Speakman, Patricia Chetcuti, Patt Ryan
Flyer/Program Design – Nathan Toovey
Photography – Aaron Walker of Gavin D Andrew Photography
Marketing & Publicity – Georgi Cahill, Jacinta Undy, Patricia Chetcuti, Marcus Cassidy-Anderson, Mark Spencer
Program Coordinator – Patricia Chetcuti
Ticket Secretary – Ros O’Donovan
Front of House Manager – Ros O’Donovan
Front of House Staff – Family & Friends of WMTC Inc
Gala Night Catering – Peter Stanek
Devonshire Tea Catering – Velvet Bakehouse, Williamstown
Dusty – Rosa McCarty
Reno – Renee Pope-Munro
Mary O’Brien – Philippa Chalke
Rodney – Matt Jakowenko
Peg – Nell Webber
Kay O’Brien – Colleen Johnson
Mr O’Brien – Robert Harsley
Tom – Brett Somerville
Featured Roles/ Ensemble – Bianca Giorgetti
Cathy James
Corey O’Donovan
Emily McClean
James Harley
Jessica Quayle
Lara Ishkan
Marco Fusco
Shane Foster
Susie McCann