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Gift Vouchers Terms and Conditions

  1. Williamstown Musical Theatre Company (WMTC) Gift Vouchers can only be redeemed for items on sale through our website or the box office on 1300 881 545.

  2. WMTC Gift Vouchers are issued in Australian Dollars with a minimum value of $20. A Voucher expires 3 years from the date of issue and must be redeemed within that period. Expiry dates are listed on all Gift Vouchers.

  3. Gift Vouchers should be treated like cash. Lost or stolen Gift Vouchers will not be replaced or refunded. The unique reference number of each Gift Voucher must be provided at the time of redemption.

  4. A maximum of 2 Gift Vouchers may be redeemed per transaction. If the total cost of items purchased exceeds the redeemable value of the Gift Voucher(s), the voucher holder is required to pay the difference between the total purchase price and the current value of the particular Gift Voucher(s).

  5. WMTC Gift Vouchers are partially redeemable. If the purchase price is less than the value of a Gift Voucher the balance remaining on the Voucher may be used for further purchases in accordance with these terms and conditions.

  6. Gift Vouchers are not reloadable. When the full value of a Gift Voucher is redeemed, that particular Voucher will be cancelled and cannot be reloaded. If a Gift Voucher has been used to purchase an item WMTC is unable to supply, the value of that item plus any booking fees will be credited back to a new Gift Voucher. No other form of refund will be given.

  7. Ticket(s) purchased by redeeming a Gift Voucher are subject to WMTC’s Ticketing Policy

  8. WMTC may cancel a Gift Voucher, refuse redemption or cancel purchases redeemed, if it suspects that a Gift Voucher is being used fraudulently or in an unauthorised or illegal manner, or it has reason to believe that the Voucher holder is in breach of these terms and conditions.

  9. A Gift Voucher is non-refundable and non-returnable except in accordance with the law.

  10. A Gift Voucher has no cash redemption value and cannot be exchanged for cash, or a cash advance be made against any value remaining on a Gift Voucher at any time

  11. Gift Vouchers cannot be redeemed for further Gift Vouchers or be split into multiple denominations. The unused value of two or more Gift Vouchers cannot be consolidated on to a new WMTC Gift Voucher.

  12. On the expiry of a Gift Voucher any unused value remaining on the Voucher is forfeited to WMTC. The Gift Voucher will not be able to be used (even if all or part of the value loaded at the time of issue remains), and the Holder will not be able to claim a refund of any unused value remaining on the Gift Voucher.

  13. Personal information collected in relation to the Gift Voucher will be handled in accordance with the WMTC Privacy Policy.