Williamstown Musical Theatre Company is thrilled to announce the full cast of our upcoming November 2019 production of ‘A CHORUS LINE‘. 

The production will run from the 8th to 16th November 2019 at the Centenary Theatre in Williamstown. Early Bird Tickets are available for purchase until Thursday 5th September 2019.

Further information on the production including show dates and times can be found here.


Zach –  Tyson Legg
Laurie –  Ashley Tynan
Don Kerr –  Jon Sebastian
Maggie Winslow –  Rachel Beard
Mike Costa –  Jamie Bray
Connie Mackenzie –  Giulia Abate
Gregory Gardener –  Mark Spencer
Cassie Ferguson –  Melanie Ott
Sheila Bryant –  Rachel Rai
Bobby Mills III –  Bryce Dunn
Bebe Benzenheimer  –  Rebecca Symonds
Judy Turner –  Lizzie Sahlstrom
Richie Walters –  Robbie Wilton
Al DeLuca –  Tim Barsby
Kristine Urlich –  Celine Manikhode
Val Clark –  Madeline Pratt
Mark Anthony –  Mitchell Sanfilippo
Paul San Marco –  Will Hanley
Diana Morales –  Sarah Kate Hanley


Christopher Downs
Keelan Roberts
Mia Brown
Oliver Palamara
Shevaun Pope


Hammond Buckland
Molly Lidgerwood
Tailem Tynan