Williamstown Musical Theatre Company’s (WMTC) committee is currently reviewing and scoping potential productions for Season 3 to be held in November 2016. To assist us in this process, we are seeking expressions of interest for a Production and Production Team.

WMTC strives to provide quality, community based theatre, Season 3 presents the company with an exceptional opportunity to support potential teams in staging a production of their choice while also meeting our company objectives / agenda and satisfying our patrons.

Applications are sought for a production and key production personnel – Director, Musical Director and Choreographer (if applicable).

Requirements for the production

  • Minimum cast size, 10 adults
  • Maximum orchestra / band size 15.
  • Overall production design requirements need to take into consideration the limitations and scope of the Williamstown Mechanics Institute.

Application Requirements

Applicants are asked to keep proposals brief and to the point, however please feel free to include basic concept sketches and additional information that you feel is necessary for the company to know.

Applications must cover the following items as a minimum, including a brief description:

  • The Directors role must be covered however applications are welcome without the roles of Choreographer or Musical Director filled.
  • Production Roles – who’s doing what and their duties within staging the production?
  • Production – show title, brief synopsis, casting requirements, music requirements, and licensee if known.
  • Artistic Vision / Design Requirements – how do you see the production being staged? Include commentary about design requirements like sets and the overall Artistic Vision.
  • Please also let us know if you are open to discussions around alternative productions that the company may be scoping.

Proposals are due by Wednesday 7th October and should be sent via email to applications@wmtc.org.au

The committee welcome any questions you may have about these expressions of interest and can be contact via applications@wmtc.org.au.