The WMTC Costume Department is thrilled to report the success of our recent Costume Skill Share Sessions with three fantastic workshops; Shape and Texture: Knitting and Crochet for CostumeCreative Costume with Mouldable PlasticEmbellishment for costume: Crystal and Feather work. We received over 30 registrations with many people attending multiple sessions and a waitlist for each one.

After running pilot sessions internally in the first half of 2017 WMTC invited the public to join our WMTC Costume Assistants Group, who work tirelessly on all WMTC productions, for these fun and creative afternoons. It was a great opportunity to showcase the diversity and talent of our hardworking team and to share our love of costume with new friends.

Each session focused on very different area of making and we are grateful to our amazing teachers, Laura Houlden, Chi Cheung and Katrina Stanley for their generosity in sharing their knowledge and passion for what they do.

Thanks to all who attended! Stay tuned for further information on new costume skill share workshops in 2018.

July/August 2017 Sessions included:


Laura Houlden

Sunday 23rd July 2017 – 1.00pm to 3.00pm

In this workshop Laura will teach you how to wield the tools to conquer knitted and crochet fabrics. You will learn how to connect constructed fabrics, add embellishments, create form and shape using knit and crochet techniques. The session will introduce:

  • Working in the round in crochet
  • Basic connecting stitches
  • Embellishments for existing fabrics
  • Creating form and texture



Chi Cheung

Saturday 5th August 2017 – 1.00pm to 3.00pm

Come and have some fun, learn from Chi who will show you how to create useful and unique items with Mouldable Plastic! It’s easy to use, just soften with hot water and mould with your hands. From costume, craft, cosplay, DIY, fixing things, you are only limited to what you can imagine!!

This session will involve;

  • Introduction to Mouldable Plastic and how to use it
  • Examples of the projects you can create with Mouldable Plastic
  • Tips, tricks and tools to working with Mouldable
  • Making your very own creation!!




Katrina Stanley

Sunday 13th August 2017 – 1.00pm to 3.00pm

Katrina Stanley invites you into her world of embellishment for costume. Specialising in couture for performance, Katrina has mastered the art of stoning her garments with literally thousands of Swarovski Crystals and would love to share this technique with other costume lovers.

Her skill share session will involve:

  • An introduction to working with non-hot fix crystals
  • An introduction to applying feathers to garments
  • An overview of the equipment required
  • Tips and tricks for achieving best results
  • Some examples of her own work

Participants should be able to walk away with something sparkly of their very own.