Williamstown Musical Theatre Company Inc is pleased to announce the cast of our May 2015 production of ‘The Witches of Eastwick‘. 

The production will run from the 8th to 23rd May, Early Bird Tickets released on Friday 13th February.

Daryl Van Horne –  Dave Barclay
 Alexandra Spofford –  Stephanie Powell
Jane Smart –  Nadia Gianinotti
Sukie Rougemount –  Rachel Rai
Felicia Gabriel –  Kelly Windle
Jennifer Gabriel –  Ursula Searle
Michael Spofford –  Joseph Spanti
Clyde Gabriel –  James Davies
Little Girl (Claire) –  Madeleine Checketts
Marge Perly –  Britt Lewis
Brenda Parley –  Sarah Kate Hanley
Greta Neff –  Laura Pearce
Gina Marino –  Kathleen Durongpisitkul
Eudora Bryce –  Eadie Testro-Girasole
Marcy Wills –  Mattie McLeod
Joe Marino –  Robbie Wilton
Ed Parsley –  Steven Edwards
Homer Perly –  Bradley Dylan
Raymond Neff –  Hammond Buckland
Toby Bergman –  James Howe

Further information is available on the production by clicking here.