Williamstown Musical Theatre Company is excited to announce the cast of our August 2018 junior program production of ‘ELF JR‘. 

The production will run from the 10th to 19th August 2018 at the new Centenary Theatre in Williamstown. Early Bird Tickets will be available for purchase from Friday 18th May.

Further information on the production including show dates and times can be found here.


Production Manager –  Mark Spencer
Directors –  Ang Cuy & Stuart Dodge
Musical Director –  Ang Cuy
Choreographer –  Stuart Dodge
Assistant Director/ Choreographer –  Andrea Scholes
Assistant Musical Director –  Stephen McMahon
Costume Design –  Claudia Senserrick
Assistant Costume Design –  Rachel Donegan



Buddy –  Campbell Bonello
Jovie –  Caitlin McCallig
Walter –  Julian Smith-Gard
Emily –  Maddi Sullivan
Michael –  Roy Marshall
Santa –  Ben Provan-Koch
Ms Greenway –  Chloe Taylor
Shawanda –  Alexandra Bolle
Charlie / Matthews –  Jake Aquilina
Manager / Chadwick –  Oscar Lidgerwood
Deb –  Amellie Zaitzev
Charlotte Dennon –  Ella O’Connor
Senior Ensemble –  Mani Miller
   Rosemary Whelan
   Hannah Eres
   Ishara Peck
   Mia Decleva (Dance Captain)
   Beatrix Thomas
   Maggie Lynch
   Heidi Milne
   Emily Mulheran
   Excelsior Madden
Junior Ensemble –  Isabelle Mendoza
   Charlotte Whitten-Ooi
   Sophie Whitten-Ooi
   Audrey Axiak
   Sophia Grant
   Sophie Mitchell
   Scarlett Dorrington
   Eleni Pallikaros
   Anabelle Armstrong
   Benjamin Belsey
   Kate Pope