Williamstown Musical Theatre Company is thrilled to announce the cast of our August 2019 production of ‘ALADDIN JUNIOR‘. 

The production will run from the 2nd to 11th August 2019 at the Centenary Theatre in Williamstown. Early Bird Tickets are currently available for purchase until next Thursday 6th June.

Further information on the production including show dates and times can be found here.

Aladdin –  Mitchell Bonnici
Jasmin –  Chloe Taylor
Genie –  Oscar Lidgerwood
Jafar –  Ben Proven-Koch
Iago –  Heidi Milne
Sultan –  Tristan Carr
Babkat –  Molly Dale
Kassim –  Caitlin McCallig
Omar –  Hamish Miller
Isir –  Lucy Stubbs
Manal –  Ella O’Connor
Rajah –  Chloe Smedley
Razoul –  Harry Palin
Prince Abdulla –  John Ives
Carpet –  Emily Mulheran
Abu –  Rylan Carruthers
Senior Ensemble –  Ally Smedley
 Amellie Zaitzev
 Beatrix Thomas
 Elyse Wenig
 Excelsior Madden
 Ishara Peck
 Jacinta Klassen
 Mani Miller
 Natalie Symonds
 Rory Bakker
Junior Ensemble –  Amali Peck
 Amelie Cowap
 Audrey Axiak
 Eden Carruthers
 Mia Jesaulenko
 Miller Szalay
 Rosemary Vescio
 Sankara Stromei
 Scarlett Dorrington