Williamstown Musical Theatre Company is seeking applications for an Assistant Costume Designer to work with our Costume Designer Nicole Black for our May 2019 production, Rock of Ages!

Rock of Ages takes you back to the times of big bands with big egos playing big guitar solos and sporting even bigger hair! It’s the tail end of the big, bad 1980s in Hollywood, and the party has been raging hard. Aqua Net, Lycra, lace and liquor flow freely at one of the Sunset Strips last legendary venues. But the rock and roll fairy-tale is about to end when German developers sweep into town with plans to turn the fabled Strip into just another capitalist strip mall.

The show features the music of hit bands such as Styx, Poison, Twisted Sister, and Whitesnake among many others. Know What Love Is, Feel the Noise, and Take Your Best Shot captures the iconic era, visiting the larger than life characters and exhilarating story that has turned Rock of Ages into a global phenomenon.

We are looking for reliable, resourceful individuals with excellent communication, time management skills and the ability to work independently and as a part of a team. Previous experience in costume will be highly regarded but is not essential. WMTC supports new and emerging talent and individuals with a passion and dedication for costume are encouraged to apply.

Avaliability throughout the rehearsal and performance season is required and as follows;

    • Performance Season: 3rd – 18th May 2019
    • Rehearsals commencing Feb 2019 up to performance commencement

Click the below link to view full position description [.PDF]:

Please forward your application including a CV and some examples of your work to applications@wmtc.org.au by Sunday 20th January 2019.

Please indicate within your application if you would also be interested in being considered for our other 2019 productions of Aladdin Junior and A Chorus Line.

Should applicants seek further information, clarification or guidance, please email our Head of Costume – Jodi Hope at applications@wmtc.org.au

All applicants will receive notification of the outcome or next steps of their application in the week of the 22nd January 2019.

*Please note Williamstown Musical Theatre Company Inc is a non-profit organisation which supports the development of new and emerging talent, all positions are on a volunteer basis.