The 2019 Music Theatre Guild Nominations have now been released, and what an amazing year it has been with the following 18 nominations. We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the below nominees but also congratulate ALL of you who have been a part of our amazing year.

The Judging year for 2019 concluded on the 31st October. Our most recent production of ‘A Chorus Line’ will be included in 2020 Judging year.

*** 2019 NOMINATIONS ***

Production of the Year
– Side Show
– Rock of Ages

– Nicko Kong, Side Show
– Stuart Dodge, Rock of Ages

Musical Direction
– Daniel Heskett, Side Show

– Steve Rostron, Side Show
– Ashley Tynan, Rock of Ages

– Stuart Dodge for Production Design, Aladdin Jr

– Stuart Dodge, Rock of Ages

– Jodi Hope, Side Show

– Vanessa Burke, Rock of Ages

– Marcello Lo Ricco, Rock of Ages

Male Performer in a Leading Role
– Frank Kerr as Lonny Barnett, Rock of Ages

Female Performer in a Leading Role
– Amy Larsen as Violet Hilton, Side Show
– Rosa McCarty as Daisy Hilton, Side Show

Male Performer in a Supporting Role
– Will Hanley as Buddy, Side Show

Ensemble Performance
– Whole Ensemble, Side Show
– Whole Ensemble, Rock of Ages

Recipients will be announced at the 2019 Guild Awards Ceremony held on Saturday 14th December in Ballarat.