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Williamstown Musical Theatre Company Inc is proud to announce auditions for their November 2016 production of City of Angels, which will be performed at the Williamstown Mechanics Institute from Friday 4th November to Saturday 19th November 2016.

When Hollywood offers New York novelist Stine the opportunity to adapt his books into a film for the silver screen, he packs up and moves to the home of perennial sunshine, palm trees, and stars. Tony award-winning City of Angels moves between the beautiful Technicolor world of Hollywood and Stine’s glamorous film noir-in-progress of the same title. While Stine’s movie plays out in black and white, Stine finds the dangerous temptations of the world of Los Angeles – the distraction of women, the lure of fame, and the artistic compromises being made right and left – all too colorful. Witty and glamorous, City of Angels features a sensational jazz score, including popular songs, “You Can Always Count on Me,” “Tennis Song,” and “I’m Nothing Without You.”


Production Managers – Shane Foster / Jayson Fry
Director / Co-Musical Director – Daniel Heskett
Co-Musical Director – Martine Wengrow
Assistant Director – Amy Jenkins


Auditions will be held at Williamstown Mechanics Institute Theatre. Corner of Melbourne Road and Electra Street, Williamstown.
(Melways 56 C9)

All auditionees are required to make an audition booking by calling 1300 881 545.

    • Saturday 2nd July from 11:00am
    • Tuesday 5th July from 7:00pm


All auditionees required for call-backs will be notified by Wednesday 6th July. Call backs will be held on Sunday 10th July from 7:30pm

Please keep this date free.


    • All auditionees are required to make an audition booking by calling 1300 881 545.
    • Auditionees must be over the age of 16 at the time of your audition.
    • All auditionees are required to complete the standard audition form, please bring your CV (if you have one) and a
      non-returnable head shot.
    • Please present one swing number AND one musical theatre number to show your range and performance.
    • In your audition you may only be required to perform one or part of one or both of your songs, so please choose
      an appropriate starting place.
    • No songs from the show are permitted.
    • If auditioning for a particular character, please take note of the vocal type required.
    • Sheet music only may be used and all sheet music must be in the correct key. No transposition or a capella
      singing will be accepted. No backing tracks
    • Please provide 2 copies of your sheet music, in the right key. One of these for the Panel, and one for the pianist.
    • Auditionees may be asked to sing some scales and/or some oral exercises depending on the requirements of the
      role/s they are auditioning for.
    • Auditionees may be asked to do a short read at their audition. Dialogue will be available at the venue at the time
      of your audition.
    • Performers from all ethnic backgrounds are invited to audition.


    • Rehearsals will be held on Monday and Wednesday evenings from 7.30pm to 10.30pm and Sunday afternoons from 12:00pm to 5.00pm, starting from Monday 8th August 2016.
    • Some Sunday rehearsals during August (will be held between 6.00pm to 10.00pm).
    • There will be 2 rehearsal weekends planned for 17th-18th September (all day) and 8th-9th October (all day).
    • Performance dates are from Friday 4th November to Saturday 19st November 2016.
    • Cast are required to assist with bump-out on Tuesday 22nd November 2016 in the evening.
    • Except for Stone and Stine, every cast member will be required to play a number of roles, in both “real-life” and
      within the Movie.
    • ANY ability to play a musical instrument will most likely be utilised, but isn’t essential to being in the show.


STINE (Real-Life)

Range: low G# to top G

Male, 30ish

Writer, Novelist. Green to the Hollywood business, he grows from optimist to cynicism about his chosen profession.

STONE (Movie)

Range: low G# to top F

Male, 30ish

Beaten-up by life private detective. Conscious of his wit, if no-one else is. Has a past of regret. Lower timbre to his voice. Smokey, even.

GABBY (Stine’s wife – Real Life)

/ BOBBI (Stone’s regretful past, a cabaret singer – Movie)

Range: low Eb to F top of the stave

Female, 30ish

Both characters are strong willed and sure of themselves. Gabby is strong and smart, and Bobbi is very-much Jessica Rabbit.

DONNA (Buddy’s secretary – Real life)

 / OOLIE (Stone’s secretary – Movie)

Range: low G to F top of the stave

Female, 20’s-30’s

Girl-Friday in both worlds. Has strength of will, but a weakness when it comes to the man in her life (lives). Street-smart and witty. Think Katherine Hepburn



Range: Middle C to Eb in stave

Male, Older, 40+

Both gents are the absolute epitome of a Hollywood sleazy/slimey movie writer/director/producer. Conniving, no morals, gets what he wants.



Range: Low G to E in stave

Female, older, late 30’s+

Carla is Buddy’s wife, in modern terms, a cougar. Alaura is a millionaire’s wife and a proper femme fatale. Uses her femininity to get what she wants. And she gets it.


Range: C below to top G

Male, 20’s

Crooner, heart-throb.

Doubles as: DR. MANDRIL (Luther’s eccentric “Celestial Guide”); Movie Extra.


Range: G# beneath to B in stave

Female, early 20’s

Millionaire’s daughter, a sex-kitten. / A Hollywood starlet. Dumb, but not. *partial nudity may be required as Mallory.

Doubles as: A movie extra.

PANCHO VARGAS (Real life, an actor)

 / LT. MUNOZ (Movie. Stine’s ex-cop partner)

Range:  D below to F# top

Male, 20’s/30’s

Latino accent required.

Doubles as: Studio Cop; Orderly; Movie Extra.

LUTHER KINGSLEY (Movie) Invalid millionaire


Male, Older, 40+

Doubles as: WERNER K (Actor); GAINES (Police Chief); BIG-SIX (Gangster, oafish muscle); Party Guest; Orderly; Movie Extra; Prison Guard.

PETER KINGSLEY (Millionaire’s son)

Range: D below to C# in stave

Male, early 20’s

Doubles as: MAHONEY (Reporter); SONNY (Slimy, mouthy gangster); GERALD (Actor); Movie Extra; Cop #2; Studio Engineer; Party Guest.


Ranges: Soprano (A below to A above),

 Alto (A below to D in stave),

Tenor (D# to B above stave),

Bass (G below to G# on top).

2 Females, 2 Males. Any ages

A jazz Quartet, almost-Greek Chorus. Intense, clashy harmony. Not for the weak of heart. Busiest cast members in the show. Ability to read music not necessary, but definitely advantageous. The quartet will start rehearsals a couple of weeks before the rest of the cast, pending availability.

Girls will double as: Buddy’s masseuse; Props girl; Alaura’s Stand-in; Girlie & Bootsie (Prostitutes); Margie (Brothel Madame); Margaret (Kingsley’s maid); Movie extras.

Boys will double as: Shoe-Shiner; Gene (A.D.); Cinematographer; Gilbert (Barber); Buddy’s nephew; Phone booth pervert; Blue-note Announcer; OFFICER PASCO; YAMATO (County Coroner).

***If either of the men have ability to play piano, they will also double as DEL DA-COSTA (Movie studio composer).